The Course

The course is designed to introduce musicians to each other and equip them with the skills and experience to be able to continue as a rehearsing and gigging band after the course has finished. The course will provide breaks as an opportunity to wind-down, socialize and team build with their fellow band members. An example of a typical course schedule is below. Please note, the schedule for each band will be tailored and individualised to support their needs, so may not be exactly like the example.

Day Morning activities Afternoon activities
Monday ·         Induction-ice breakers and “getting to know you”

·         Group task

·         Sort into bands- meet and introduce first cover to work on

·         Workshop- band set-up and sound balancing

·         Band- start cover song

·         Evaluation

·         Pack-up

Tuesday ·         Band set-up

·         Workshop- effective rehearsing and note-taking, roles of band members

·         Band- continue cover song

·         Workshop- style and genre- changing a cover

·         Band- continue cover song, introduce change a cover

·         Evaluation

·         Pack-up

Wednesday ·         Band set-up

·         Band- cover and change a cover

·         Workshop- composition/ change a cover

·         Band- rehearse all songs

·         Workshop- continue composition/ change a cover- structure, arrangement, etc.

·         Evaluation

·         Pack-up

Thursday ·         Band set-up

·         Band- rehearse all songs, complete change a cover/ composition

·         Evaluation

·         Band- rehearse and complete all songs, play full set

·         Workshop- complete composition/ change a cover OR jam session

·         Record songs live*

·         Evaluation

·         Pack-up

Friday ·         Band set-up

·         Band- rehearse entire set, feedback to each other

·         Pack-up

·         Band- entire dress rehearsal- bands perform to each other

·         Evaluation as a group



·         Evening performance 7pm


*Recordings are time-permitted and are not a guaranteed part of the course


Please note, in order to gain a place on the course, you will first need to register, please follow the link for details.


If you would like any further information, please visit our FAQs page or contact us.